The Creative Class – a video series by Wetransfer


I highly recommend these short video’s, especially to anyone who uses technology in their art.  It made me think about how technology has influenced me in my own life.  The prevalence and reliance on technology in our lives has changed so much since the commercialisation of the mobile phone in the mid 90’s.  It’s not an new concept but ingrained in the everyday.  This can be a great opportunity for artists to use technology to help fulfil their own potential as highly influential community contributors.

The Creative Class” is a video series by WeTransfer which explores the ways in which technology is influencing musicians, artists and designers artistic expression.

The Creative Class, features 5 highly successful artists, musicians and designers.  The video’s see them discussing the role technology plays in their work.

The Creative Class features English musician Damon Albarn, British designer Tom Dixon, Austrian graphic designer and typographer Stefan Sagmeister, British creator and musician Fred Deakin, and British shoe designer Marc Hare.

Nalden, co-founder and CMO of WeTransfer, explains,

This series of interviews with inspirational people is part of a new norm in creative culture. Many of today’s most influential creative people – musicians, designers or scientists are cleverly folding technology into the creative process. They’re finding new ways to create, and then share original ideas. And they’re coming up with some amazing things as a result.

The idea for The Creative Class comes from Richard Florida’s book, ‘The Creative Class’. He suggests that this class or group of people will become the driving force of social and economic development in post-industrial cities.


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