Pineapple easy peeler and De-corer

Stainless Steel Pineapple Easy Slicer & De- Corer


I love pineapples but cutting one up can be a messy business. I love this little gadget that easily peels, cores and slices a fresh pineapple in 30 seconds. It removes perfectly formed rings while leaving the core in the shell.

Pinapples have many health benefits heres just a few;

-They are a great source of antioxidants believed to help prevent cell damage associated with different types of cancers, atherosclerosis, and high cholesterol. Pineapples = Healthy Heart
-Pineapples have heaps of vitamin C and bromeliad. Great for boosting your immune system. So next time you think you’re getting a cold reach for a slice.
-Manganese is present in pineapples and this mineral helps to build strong bones and tissues. You’ll only need a cup of pineapple juice for breakfast to cover off 73% of your daily intake.
-Want a glowing smile? Pineapples will help keep your gums healthy.
-Pineapples also have Beta-carotene. This isn’t just a myth, beta-carotene will improve your eyesight and help to prevent problems like Macular Degeneration.
-Pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties. If you are susceptible to swelling joints as seen with arthritis patients then pineapple will help. Also give it a go for reducing the inflammation for your bronchial tubes typical in bronchitis or other inflammation disorders such as Catarrh.
-Bromelain a digestive enzyme and is present in Pineapples and can help with sinusitis. You can also eat it to stop a sore throat, gout and swellings. Bromelain will also prevent intestinal parasites.
-The high fiber in pineapples will help in a healthy digestive system.
-Potassium and lower amounts of sodium in pineapples is good for maintaining good blood pressure.
-Another benefit from pineapple juice is to help with nausea. So if your pregnant and suffer from nausea or just suffer from motion sickness scoff down some pineapple.

Here’s a Pineapple Easy Slicer I found on Amazon. You can click on the picture below and it will give you more info.

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