Outsourcing Great Design for New Businesses


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Are you just starting a new business? Having your own business can give you control over how you earn your money and potentially earn you much more than a regular ‘work for the Man/Woman’ job can give you. With so much job uncertainty these days we think it’s worth a shot. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the time, money and commitment it may take. Outsourcing can be a really good way to leverage your time. There are many things that can be outsourced but how can you be sure you will get what you need? For example, deciding on a logo can be a harrowing process. You employ a designer, brief them on what you are thinking and get them to go away and design a logo. Easy right? Many times the options are just not right and it can be hard to communicate to your designer. Many times it’s just hard to make a decision. It’s an important decision, the logo will define your business to your customers for many years.

When it comes to making a logo there’s a great website we have used before that gives you the flexibility you need to outsource, budget and make the right decision. You can set your price, work with the best designers, get over 100 designs to choose from and all done in 7 days fully trademarked.

Good luck with your new business!

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