I’ve just started The Quick Start Challenge!


Well, I’m new to all this internet marketing and have started to search out good quality information and products that can show me the way to the light. One of these products came across my desk about a week ago and at $20 I thought it was pretty reasonable. It’s a coaching course that will run for 30 days and is called The Quick Start Challenge. So, I’m really excited to begin my 30 day challenge and learn more about internet marketing.

Traditionally, I haven’t been that interested in social media or technology in general. I have a background in the Performing Arts and later became an Event Manager and most recently a Real Estate Agent and mother of 3. My husband however is a copy writer and works in a large Advertising agency. Although he’s not that interested in doing much of this stuff when he gets home, he is a bit of a social media fanatic. Actually it was his Pintrest account which sparked my interest in finding ways we could leverage the large amount of subscribers he has. I realised he was actively selling everyone else products for free and thought hang on a sec, surely there is a way we can keep the essence of the inspiration but also be recognised and rewarded for promoting these products. And so, our website ‘Inspirational Hunter’ was born.

There are many people out there that are teaching this sort of stuff and it’s hard as a beginner to filter out the good from the bad but I liked what these guy’s were doing, their ideas and drive and I thought I’d give it a good go.

30 days is also a really good amount of time to focus on something new I find. It’s enough time to focus on the tasks at hand, to keep motivated and to start new habits.

We had our first webinar last Wednesday morning. As I’m in Sydney it’s at 7am. At first I was complaining that it was’t a great time to have a webinar but as it turned out, I found it a great way to start the day. I did need to record a bit but it’s amazing how listening to a mentor that’s focused on getting you to achieve particular goals helps you to believe in your own abilities and leaves you with a feeling your on track.

It’s run by 3 guys called Craig Crawford, Dean Holland and JF Garsula and it’s called The Quick Start Challenge.

They wants us to first look at how we are managing our time. Time management is always something people can improve on, myself included! I have 3 kids and I tend to do things when I can but this does mean it’s hard to get the structure that achieving goals so often needs. I have a background in Event Management but am also creative by nature. This means I tend to work with my goals on a flexible time frame. Unfortunately though, this mindset can lead to me being pulled in directions that were not originally part of the plan. I can also tend to struggle with the pressure I put on myself and this leads to disillusionment and lack of motivation. My hope, is that these weekly sessions can keep me focused on the tasks that will give me an increased knowledge and understanding of internet marketing and new ways of making money online.
Dean wants us to find at least 7 hours a week to work on our internet marketing goals. This is great as it sets a specific goal but because it is within the time frame of a week, there is flexibility in how I find this time.

Time Management + Effective Planning + Action = Success
This is a simple equation and there are many others like it.

Now all I have to do is live and work by it!

I will be posting regular weekly updates of my insights from the challenge so stay posted.

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10 thoughts on “I’ve just started The Quick Start Challenge!

  1. Hi Aimee,

    Wow! What a great looking site. You should be very proud. Many props for taking the step so many people are afraid to take — getting started.

    I’ve committed myself to seeing this challenge through to the end and finally having a stable business I can call my own.

    I’m done buying and buying and spinning in circles not knowing what to do with all the “stuff” I’ve purchased. Everything seemed so disjointed because nothing seemed to fit together.

    Since joining the QSC I see a purpose and I have a focus. I hope you’ve come to the same realization.

    I wish you the best of luck, and I hope this course brings you all that you want.

    To your success. . .

  2. Hi Aimee,

    Love the way your site is laid out.

    One of the attractions of being in business on the internet to me is the flexibility of being able to work when it’s convenient for you.

    I too have to work when I can, but I’m finding time to get it done.

    Good luck with your business.

    Thanks, Steve

  3. Like you it was hard ffor me to really shift through the stuff on the internet to get real help in being successful. As you said there is a lot out there and it is hardd to tell the good from the bad. Keep up the good work you’ve started and I’ll be following yoiur blog posts to see your success. I’m excited about the Quick Start Challenge.

  4. Hi Aimee, I applaud you for finding a coaching course first time round. Wish I had been that smart. I, too am in Real estate – out here in Montana. I have been in the foreclosure, short sale loan mod market for a long time and find the constant misery I see too hard to bear. Changing my marketing model has been difficult and frankly, I would like to work from home all the time.

    The Quick Start Challenge seems to offer me that opportunity. I will say the idea of commenting on all 374 blogs is more than intimidating as I won’t just copy and paste – my comments have to have sincerity? I have been on the Warrior Forum for sometime so that part is not so bad, there a lot of good people there – introduce yourself and you will make friends easily.

    I wish you every success.

  5. Beautiful site, Aimee. It shows how you follow through completely and with professionalism. That will serve you well in the Challenge.

  6. Aimee, congratulations on your new beginning with this website. The left sidebar gave the first positive impression and carries the theme of inspiration well. I have visited Sydney twice and must say I love Australia and its people! You live in a beautiful area.

  7. Hey, great post Maisy – I look forward to reading your next post. Have you watched the second Quick Start Challenge webinar yet? What are your thoughts?

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