Christchurch Plate - Repaired with Gold

Christchurch Repaired with Gold


Kintsukuroi – The philosophy of repairing with gold and understanding the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.

Christchurch2011 - Repaired with Gold

Collected pieces broken in the earthquake were repaired with gold.  Every piece in the exhibition came from a place in Christchurch that had also been rebuilt in a creative way.  These places include bars such as Smash Palace, the laundry Dance-O-Mat and Sound Garden. These repaired pieces were then showcased in an exhibition in Sydney to illustrate Christchurch is now more beautiful than ever.

This is such a lovely concept inspired from Japanese philosophy.   A country having been through many earthquake tragedy’s of there own.  The pieces represent the healing of a city and that this healing can be achieved through artistic impression and endevours.

Check out the video below.


Christchurchpieces - Repaired with Gold

This is new campaign from Whybin TBWA Sydney for Tourism New Zealand can be viewed in more detail at


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