Are you also considering starting a blog?


The process of setting up this blog has been exciting and challenging all at once. I’ve had a huge learning curve over the last couple of months. It can be very daunting at first, trying to get your head around the information on the net and knowing what action I need to take.

* Technical issues
* What I need
* How I do what I need
* Working out what other people are doing
* Even knowing what’s even possible

And then there’s the plethora of people selling products, plug-ins, e-books, reports, software, services that are supposed to help solve a problem I’m not even sure I have yet. I could see it would be easy to spend a lot of money on these useful and compelling ‘opportunities’. I’m sure most of the products are very useful but I’ll also bet, a good potion of them get left on the hard drive never to be used until the computer crashes never to see the light again.

There’s something to be said for taking action. Business, however has no place for perfectionists. By this I mean if you spend all your time trying to get an aspect of your business perfect before you even begin, results will be slow going and unrewarding. Just get out there and start setting things up, when you have a problem solve it and continue perfecting as you work.

There are people and information that have been helping me in this journey of setting up Inspirational Hunter which I have been extremely grateful for. It is for this reason I want to ‘pay it forward’. I will also endeavour to help anyone who listens and wants to TAKE ACTION. That is, dedicate time to DOING.

It is for this reason I will, from time to time be posting about the things and systems that I’m using and have been helpful to me.

The first thing you need to know when setting up your blog site is what platform to use. I use WordPress as it’s the most well known and Google LOVES WordPress. WordPress is actually a blogging platform but there are many free templates to choose from so you will find a design that can fit your style and functionality.

WordPress and Google speak the same language. Google is the giant when talking search engines. Although there are others, I personally don’t know anyone who doesn’t use them. This helps people who search on google find your website’s content when they are looking for information. BUT you will also need an organisation to host the website on the internet. This is called a ‘Host Company’. I went through a couple of these guys even getting my money back for one. After a couple of weeks of trying, this experience left me asking “it can’t be this hard”. We finally came across HOSTGATOR (see banner below). They were a god send! We found them affordable, efficient and easy to follow. We could easily navigate around setting up the WordPress website and getting a domain name. Contract a Hosting company that uses a system called a CPanel. HOSTGATOR has this as it is an easy way to set up your account with the hosting company with a quick install to WordPress. It will take about 48hrs before you can start designing your blog or website. I recommend just getting the monthly plan as it doesn’t lock you into any time constraints and it’s the cheapest option to begin with at about $10 per month. HOSTGATOR will also host unlimited websites for this price which is great if you’re planning on building an internet empire!

If you want to click on the banner below you’ll be redirected to their website and then you can compare their current offers and benefits for yourself.

Great News! I’ve had a chat to them and arranged for you to receive a further 25% off if you choose to use HOSTGATOR! Just put “Inspirational Hunter” in the coupon code section when you’re signing up.

To your success and happy blogging!

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