Amazingly simple teeth whitener, sting reliever and tummy settler


Activated Charcoal – a teeth whitener?

I know this looks pretty disgusting but it works! All you need is 5 minutes of scrubbing but you get better results the more you use it. The results are different for everyone but it certainly beats spending hundreds of dollars at a dentist.

First you will need to get your hands on some Activated Charcoal. It’s not important what brand but below I attached a well known brand I found on Amazon.

You’ll only need about half a capsule.
Put it on your teeth and brush with your tooth brush just like you are brushing your teeth. I know it looks scary black but it’s not going to stain anything.

It will also help with bad breath and your teeth feels ultra clean afterwards. Doesn’t taste like anything either.

All the whitening stripes in the stores have this in it but you’ll pay heaps more. It works better, is cheaper and is a natural product. It works better than baking soda if you’ve tried that because you should see the difference straight away.

Activated Charcoal has been used for food allergies and food poisoning as it works as an absorbent so it’s not harmful to swallow but I’d still not want to swallow heaps.

It can also be used on bee stings. I have kids and am allergic to bee stings so it’s a great thing to have around the house. To apply to a sting you just mix to make a paste and put it on the affected skin. Cover it with glad wrap to stop it drying out and it should help keep the swelling down.

If you use it, let me know how it works for you.

I found it on amazon and if you click on the link below you save 40%.

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