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2nd Week of the Quick Start Challenge


So I just finished the 2nd Week of the Quick Start Challenge with Dean Holland.
Every week he speaks about what it means to have a blog. The over riding message this week was free ways of driving traffic to your site and emphasised the recipe for success is honesty, value and integrity. If you don’t have these elements people just won’t be interested in coming back to your website.
Every week he’s been getting us to complete tasks to setting up the site. He doesn’t actually tell you how but rather the what. This is interesting as it has forced me to seek out the answers. In doing this I realised all the answers are already there on the web you just have to spend the time looking and then follow the instructions.
The tasks this week was to make sure the Google Analytics is set up properly, register and start posting on various forums and actively post on other peoples blogs. We needed to do this everyday as a routine. It has actually been hard as this week has been our Easter holidays so I’m a bit behind on that. It’s so easy not to do this. The key though is to do it regularly so I’ve decided to put aside 1hr a day to do this. Not only will these forums be a great source of information but on the bottom of every post we need to set up the signature which will be a link back to the website. This link will help introduce new people to Inspirational Hunter.
The other challenge was to create a video and then upload it to youtube and embed it as a post on the website. I saw this as a great opportunity to explain to my visitors the reasoning in setting up Inspirational Hunter and also use it as a welcome video. This is something I would NEVER have done if it weren’t for the Challenge.
It’s a great feeling to have done it!
Stay tuned for more great tips on setting up your website from the Quick Start Challenge, until next week.

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One thought on “2nd Week of the Quick Start Challenge

  1. Week 2 really took me out of may comfort zone. I am thinking my talents are better elsewhere. I wonder if outsourcing is doable. I will continue to look for your video, I am looking forward to watching it.

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