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We are hunters of all things inspirational.  Here you will find words of inspirationshort inspirational stories, short inspirational quotes, good books, inspiring speeches, the latest innovations, inspirational pictures and inspirational art paintings taken onto the streets.  Thoughts and ideas expressed in a creative way.
My name is Aimee Thomas. I have spent most my life looking for and seeking out my passions. Things that inspired me. In my early years I was a dancer, actor and then circus performer. I was fascinated to explore ways that brought people together, what made them laugh, cry, grow angry or be content. I loved doing shows that allowed the audience (and myself) to reflect on their life and question their role in it. One of the main things that makes us different to animals is our need to be creative, to express ourselves in a creative way. This is how I see something that is ‘inspirational‘. It is something, an idea, an opinion, an image or a concept that is expressed in a creative way that has the ability to move us in order to allow us to see the possibilities in our own life, even if it is just for a moment.  Enjoy the words of inspiration you will find here.

The site has many categories to explore and we are always adding to it, so I’m sure you will find something you are interested in. It is my hope that in coming to our site you will come away being a little more inspired and excited about the wonder and possibilities of the world we live in and then in turn act on this inspiration to create a positive and long lasting effect on your own life.

Watch the video below where I explain my main reasoning for setting up this site.

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